Little List of Loves

My love list (Part 1):


Trading in my Latte for a Spa Day

I'm thinking about giving up my almost daily latte.

Not necessarily forever, but at least from now until my next birthday (May). I'll putting the money I would have spent into a "happy birthday to me" jar. I get some "surprise" birthday cash  and hopefully kick an unnecessary habit in the process.

Fall Patchwork Show - LOVE

I've now done a handful of craft shows and I've discovered the key to a great craft booth setup 



Seriously.   The night before setup I charged my iPod (yes, it's old, but it works), I even uploaded some new songs. I also realized that my set-up playlist is almost the same as my workout playlist. *shrug*

Then, the unthinkable happened.


Fall Patchwork

I have some great news - this is happening: 

patchwork oakland november 24th

Yarn Gone Wrong

I've tagged this post "inspiration" but this is inspiration for what NOT to do...EVER. ever, ever, ever!


This is a knitted wedding dress designed by Yves St. Laurent in 1965.


Seriously, I can't! I don't even have the words

There's also something vaguely umpa-lumpa-ish. But apparently, this is high fashion.


National Stationery Show?!

So.... I JUST found out that there is a National Stationery Show that's apparently been going on annually for the last 68 years! Why have I never heard of this? An entire convention filled with prettily designed paper products

(from Iron Curtain Press)


"What do you do?"

"So, what do you do?"

many faces

many faces


Does anyone else dred this question?

NPR - Neil Conan

Do you listen to NPR?  I do.

Do you miss Neal Conan yet? I do.


carry on.



Martha Stewart - American Made Contest

Once a month I do a artist profile/interview with a California based artist for the California Crafters' Club of Etsy Blog.  This month I got a chance to profile the amazing Astrid of AnAstridEndeavor who's also participating in the Martha Stewart American Made Contest

Here's a peek at some of her work:


As anyone who follows me on Instagram knows I like to play with earring color combinations. 


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