August 2013

Martha Stewart - American Made Contest

Once a month I do a artist profile/interview with a California based artist for the California Crafters' Club of Etsy Blog.  This month I got a chance to profile the amazing Astrid of AnAstridEndeavor who's also participating in the Martha Stewart American Made Contest

Here's a peek at some of her work:


As anyone who follows me on Instagram knows I like to play with earring color combinations. 


Renegade San Francisco

School is starting and summer is almost over (unless you're out here in the Bay Area, then you know our 3 weeks of summer weather is going to kick in any minute now). The next couple of posts are going to be about summer time rituals. I always hoped that as I got older I would have a few rituals I could call my own - and now I know some rituals take work and planning! 

What's your favorite summer ritual?