Craft Fairs, Holiday Prep and Forgotten Scarves

Working hard. 

End of summer is basically holiday prep time (it may sound crazy, but once halloween arrives its getting close to the end of prep time). Even though as a consumer I can't deal with seeing holiday decrations for sale at the same time as back-to-school items - when you make, and sell, carefully handmade items, it pays to be prepared.

So, despite all of the late nights over the last couple of months - even if I don't sell much at the Art and Music Festival (Sept 29th for those in the SF Bay Area), I'll just be ahead when it comes to holiday sales :)


Speaking of holiday sales, last week I applied to have a booth at the Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Festival at Jack London Square in Oakland this November. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me. I'll find out in a couple weeks.


infinity scarf

Of my new stuff I'm most excited about my chained infinity scarf. It's not entirely new - I made them a couuple winters ago when I was first starting out with an etsy shop.  They sold quickly and, for reasons I don't quite remember, I never made any more. 


Wait -- I remember what happened. I had another baby :-D

Wouldn't that face make you forget which scarf you wanted to make too?!  Ms. Lady will be turning 2 this December and I've FINALLY gotten back to these scarves.




crochet rug

a small rug or two.


I am going to try to stop by

I am going to try to stop by the craft fair. i am working part time at papersource again so i will have to wait to get my hours. i hope you have great success though.
love the newborn baby shot...oooh, babies.

Babies make it better

Pictures of new babies make the world a better place :)
I hope you can make it -- if not fingers crossed for the holiday fair in Jack London Square in November.

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