Crochet Bowl Love

Contain yourself!

And anything else you want because the bowls have arrived – and there are, of course, more where they came from. Some greys, a few moody blues and some bright picnic colors will all be arriving in the coming weeks.


Where can you use a crocheted bowl? Anywhere!

They're great for holding hair ties, barrettes, bobby pins, earrings, rings and necklaces. Use them in the bathroom for cotton squares, or a safe place to put your jewelry while you wash your hands. I even have one on my desk at work – because really, anything looks a bit more pleasing and less utilitarian when it's in a hand crocheted bowl – even paperclips. The medium and larger sizes also make great catch-all bowls for entry ways, nightstands, and coffee tables.

If you're looking for a color or size you don’t see in the shop yet, contact me and we'll make it happen.


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