Crochet Mandalas

I've been in a new-meets-old kind of mood.  It all started with these great crocheted mandalas and granny circles I made but I wanted to do something different than make placemats or hot pads (does any one REALLY use placemats any more...anyone? really? Just wondering). 


Anyhow, I've had 6 or so embroidery hoops sitting around that I picked up at a local thrisft shop.  I'm not entirely sure why I bought them in the first place but I finally found something awesome to do with them.

(Side note - you will probably never see a picture of my little craft corner, that houses, among other things, second-hand embroidery hoops... It's a 3' square space in our living room, next to the couch, that's a mass of yarn, bags, hooks, needles, finished and unfinished projects, plus 2 skeins of decoy yarn i.e. yarn that I don't mind my kids playing with. Everything is spilling out of one of those Ikea 4-cubby bookshelf type things. I keep looking for inspiration to organize it but pictures of other people's craft ROOMS aren't really helpful...on second thought, maybe I will post a picture one day and you guys can give me some ideas.)


Back to emboridery hoops.  Take a look at what I made:



and this one too


Cute right?

The large rainbow is 12" arcoss and the smaller one is 7". The earth tone one at the bottom is 6" and I have an even smaller one (not shown) that's 4" across. These guys are fun to make and not too tricky to crochet onto the hoops. I have discovered that working with older hoops leads to less splinters. Which I prefer. Nobody likes splinters.


I'm not sure if I want to but them in the shop of not.  I think I may put these first ones up in my kids' room.  We need a little color on the walls around here. I'll make a second batch for you do you feel about rainbows?


I was looking at the Granny

I was looking at the Granny crocheted embrodiary hoops you made and liked them. I am wondering if you give the directions to make them?

Also, I was googling what to do with the material behind an emrodary hoop, once you've embroidared somthing that you want to hang on a wall. Do you have any suggestions to solve my problem? I crocheted a dog and want to frame it in the hoop and surprise it to my daughter with it at Christmas. She has several on the wall in her living room. I just am not sure what to do with the bulk of material at the back of the loop. (Any ideas would be appreciated.)

Thank you.

Looking at the Granny

Hi Kathi
- sorry for my extra delayed response - I've been taking a blogging hiatus but I'm back :)
To answer some of your questions - there really isn't any material behind the hoop to work about. I basically crochet a flat mandala then, when it's a round or two smaller than the hoop I crochet around the hoop, effectively incorporating the wooden hoop into the crocheted piece. I join then ends as I would with any crochet-in-the-round project, then add the external part of the hoop to keep in all together.
Hope that makes sense.

It seems like a may just need to do a video demonstration.

Since this isn't embroidery I don't have a ton of extra material to worry about (but I believe for embroidery it's typically just cut away.

Hope this helps!

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