Custom Orders are Fun!



I was working on these last night - so purrty!

These are a custom order to a lovely lady in southern California who heard about my shop from a friend who was wearing a pair of my big crochet hoops.

Word of mouth is great!  Plus, I've gotten such a great response on instagram (@thebkloop) that I'll be making  more of these - - in more fun colors. But, what colors??


What are your favorite 2- or 3- color combinations?



ooo, so pretty! how about

ooo, so pretty! how about purple and peach, yellow and gray, blue and gold (go bears!). :)

Go Bears!

Love that Idea! I'm working on earring and rings right now so I'm hoping for a weekend photoshoot

Looks great. I like this DIY

Looks great. I like this DIY project very much. I'm doing some research on DIY project. I want to do something like that for my family.

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