Easy Weekend Project -- Embroidery Floss Storage

This is a super simple project that you can do over the weekend that will accomplish a few things bigger projects just can't:

1. Near immediate gratification -- It will take you less than 10 minutes to finish the first one, and it'll be so pretty you'll have an immediate sense of accomplishment and desire to organize all thread related materials  BONUS: you might actually do it this time!!

2. The gift that keeps on giving -- it's not just organized and pretty, it's useful too.  You can use your thread without constantly watching out for knots. It's also easier to work on projects that need multiple colors.

3. Future planning -- it's easy to see when you're running out AND what you're running out of. 


Here it is, in 3 steps.


Step 1: Gather your materials

This may or may not require a trip to your local craft shop.  

I picked these clothes pins up at Michael's.  I liked these kind better than the flat ones because there aren't any metal parts that could snag.


Step 2:

Undo your thread and tuck on of the ends in through the middle of the clothes pin.  I usually drape the thread around my knees (I wrap several clothes pins at a time while watching reruns of The Office). 


Step 3 (a):

Start wrapping. Make sure you wrap over that tucked end so you don't have funny unraveling issues later.


Step 3 (b):

Keep wrapping.






For those of you who are extra obsessed, you can do what I do and write the color number on the end so when you run low you know exactly which shade of red you need to get.


Now, go find all the thread you have tucked away in plastic bags, drawers, baskets and bins and start wrapping!  This is what I did while I watched Casino Royale last night (it was a 007 kind of evening).


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