Fall Patchwork Show - LOVE

I've now done a handful of craft shows and I've discovered the key to a great craft booth setup 



Seriously.   The night before setup I charged my iPod (yes, it's old, but it works), I even uploaded some new songs. I also realized that my set-up playlist is almost the same as my workout playlist. *shrug*

Then, the unthinkable happened.


I forgot. my. music.

Have you ever arrived at the gym and realized you didn't have your headphones? Or been in the middle of exercising when the batteries die? It's horrible.

Luckily, for the Patchwork show in Oakland vendors unload the night before but there's plenty of time day of to finish your set up. So I unloaded my stuff, laid out my tablecloth ... and went home. I came back bright and early the next day, tunes in hand and rocked out all the way to this set up.


Bonus, this year my picture even made it onto Nicole's post about the show. Score!


i like

your booth set up! bravo.

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