Little List of Loves

My love list (Part 1):


I love delicious desserts.  

I love galoshes.

I love things that are obviously loved – well worn sweaters, threadbare blankets….

I love fresh fruit.

I love cooking and experimenting.

I love old family photos; I love history.

I love discovering new things.

I love really long walks; I love wandering.

I love picnics; I love smiling; I love exercise.

I love stomping on crunchy leaves that have fallen to the ground in the fall.

I love blank notebooks.

I love dancing.

I love hugs.

I love skipping, running, jumping, and the general merry-making of being outside and acting silly.

I love being a ‘regular’ at my neighborhood shops.

I love my list of requisite must-see Christmas-time movies.

I love flea markets.

I love checking things off of lists.

I love the Bay Area.

I love board games.

I love dress up clothes – I love having a place to go in them.

I love hand-me-downs.

I love fields of wild flowers.

I love wineries with free tasting rooms.


What about you? What do you love?

Just you - not what you love about about someone else. Take a moment to step outside of the people who call you mother/daugher/brother/friend/partner... and reflect for a bit on the things that you love.

I encourage you to try it out and I'd love it if you shared your list with me.




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