I never realized the impact that a bowl could make until I got this in the mail a couple of weeks ago:

Meet "Blankie." Well loved for years, moved around, taken to college and then, one day, showed up in my mail box.  An earlier email from the owner said "Here's blankie... Salvageable?"

Of course!

While I as getting everything ready,  I noticed a faint pattern

See the little pink flower?


After a little more work I had this:

And it was time to make something - easier said than done.  Remember this blankie has been very well loved and well worn and as a result is very, very, delicate. But we perservered, and after a few nights of wrong steps and floppy designs, Blankie is finished!

No two memory bowls are alike.  What do you think your memory bowl will look like?


love it



It was so much fun AND the owner and her mom both love it. I had always thought of the memory bowls all looking more-or-less alike but now I'm rethinking that.

Thanks so much. I learned a

Thanks so much. I learned a lot AND had fun; all in all a great day.

I admire your creativity and

I admire your creativity and the skills you have. I really loved the work you have done with those bits of cloth. I don’t know how exactly to praise your work. I am really in love with these things.
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