Spring Patchwork Handmade Show


That's now I feel right now.  The AWESOME news is that I got into the Patchwork show this year (it's on Mother's day), and I'm also on the short list (fingers crossed) for what should be a great festival at a local winery.  Note to self: no sampling while selling.

The rest of the news is that Mother's day is very soon, and I've got so many amazing ideas but only two hands.


So with this in mind I'm doing a few very important things: 1) I've already added a note in my google calendar for next January to get in gear so I'm not (quite as) crazed this time next year and 2) I'm trying to be very strategic about what I'm working on.  I have commute projects, evening projects, and weekend projects and 3) working on this will have to wait:

doily rug pattern from craft passionhttp://www.craftpassion.com/2012/07/giant-doily-rug.html/2



This is also going to be my first warm weather show so I'll need to go light on the chunky scarves and focus more on the lightweight collars.

Have we talked about the collars? We haven't. They're awesome.  More on the awesomeness later.



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