Trading in my Latte for a Spa Day

I'm thinking about giving up my almost daily latte.

Not necessarily forever, but at least from now until my next birthday (May). I'll putting the money I would have spent into a "happy birthday to me" jar. I get some "surprise" birthday cash  and hopefully kick an unnecessary habit in the process.

Actually, I think I'll calculate how much money I would spend in a 5 months, put it in a separate account and then if I want a latte I have to dip into my "prize" money. So instead of working hard to earn the money - the object becomes to keep the money I've already earned. hmmm



The next issue then is  what to replace it with. 

I typically start my day with green tea and have a latte sometime in the afternoon. I could make the switch to my homemade Chai, which I love, but I'm open to any other suggestions. 

I love tea but it has to be tea with a good kick of flavor. I don't like ending up with muted water.

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