"What do you do?"

"So, what do you do?"

many faces

many faces


Does anyone else dred this question?

My first thought is: "Well, what time is it?" If it's before 9am or after 4:30pm on a weekday then I'm a mom, wife, and crafty commuter who makes lunches, puts in barrettes and grabs a pursed sized crochet project for the BART commute to work; and makes a dinner in 30 minutes that would make Rachel Ray hand over her apron.

Seriously. I'm good.

If it's after the kids' bedtime then I'm a wife and crocheter while I catch up with Mr. Man and exchange notes  on a Terri Gross interview or a Breaking Bad episode.





One the weekends I'm a dancer, gardener, homeowner, mom, wife, craft show vendor, antique fair goer, a writer, a photographer, a MasterChef contender...


 ...OK not really, but I'm willing to bet that my 5- and almost 3-year-old are tougher than Gordan Ramsey any day!


Seriously, we all wear many hats...


"Right, but what do you DO?"


Publishing. I work in text book publishing...in a cubicle; admittedly, with some pretty great people. But that's just one of the things that I do.


So, what do you do?


By the way - all of the pics in the post are from my instagram feed. Check me out @thebkloop



what do i do? well, like you it depends on the time of day. i like to ask...what do you for fun? throws people for a loop...wait not my career but my free time???
love this post and your stripey stockings!

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