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School is starting and summer is almost over (unless you're out here in the Bay Area, then you know our 3 weeks of summer weather is going to kick in any minute now). The next couple of posts are going to be about summer time rituals. I always hoped that as I got older I would have a few rituals I could call my own - and now I know some rituals take work and planning! 

What's your favorite summer ritual?

Crochet Patterns are coming!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook know tha I recently released my very first pattern for sale. I'm not sure how exciting it was for you, but it's something I've been looking forward to for months.

More patterns are coming!

Make sure you're following me on FB so you can be the first to know. BONUS: All patterns are only $1 the first weekend they're in the store.


I Love Notebooks

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this here before, but I love blank notebooks. I have them squirrled around my house. They're each lovely, this is my new favorite:


From alfamarama

Custom Orders are Fun!



I was working on these last night - so purrty!

These are a custom order to a lovely lady in southern California who heard about my shop from a friend who was wearing a pair of my big crochet hoops.

Word of mouth is great!  Plus, I've gotten such a great response on instagram (@thebkloop) that I'll be making  more of these - - in more fun colors. But, what colors??


Art Festival Booth and Father's Day

Happy Monday Everyone! I had a whirlwind weekend that included a booth at the Rock Wall winery Art Festival plus Father's Day fun.


craft booth set up - the BackLoop  happy fathers day

Big crochet, Big plans

I've been working on some big projects -- literally.


My livingroom in strewn with rope and cotton piping and my forearm is sore. That can only mean one thing: there are going to be some big items in the store soon!


Check back in for an update -- or get my RSS feed and the update will come to you!

The Children of La Chureca

Craft Hope is one of my favorite places on the web. They are amazing. They regularly provide opportunities for anyone to use their creative energy to make a positive difference in someone's life. 

Their current project (#22) is for the children of la Chureca (the dump) in Nicaragua.

Rock Wall Art and Wine Experience

I know I still need to post a picture of my booth from the Patchwork Show (it's coming - honest).  In the meantime let's look to the future for a moment.




Do you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or know someone who does? Do you, or that someone, like wine? And art? of course!

How to create what people will love

Do not create for the masses...


My take on Seth Godin's post about writing copy.
I used Pinstamatic to make it look pretty.

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