Handmade Awesomeness - Etsy Finds

I love handmade pottery,   I love that each one is a little different. I love the luxury and everyday-ness of them.

Here's some of my favorites:

from ceramics by Laurie Goldstein


Bowled Over

Do you see my bowl? It's in the second row, on the right :D

I love bowls.

Side note: I haven't done a post on some of the handmade awesomeness I've come across recently, so that'll be coming up later this week.

Color Swatch Samples for Yarn

Modern Mouse - an awesome shop in Alameda, CA,  carries a few of my items and they asked me to provide them with a sample swatches for the available colors of my  infinity chain scarves.

No problem, I said (because how hard could that be -- right?)  

Knit Bean Bag Chair



Yes please :)

Pinterest Love - Handmade February

Are you on Pinterest yet? Because if you're not you're missing out on a very useful procrastination tool. Pinterest is one of those site that makes you say to yourself "I'll just hop on pinterest for a couple of minutes"....and then 45 minutes later..."what did I get on the computer for again?"


If you are on Pinterest, are you following me? Am I following you? I must know. Look at the handmade awesomeness you might be missing out on:

Home for the Holidays - Etsy treasury

I'll admit that I've never been that great at seasonal decorating.  Now that we have the little ones I feel like i want to do something to mark the changing seasons adn the holidays that typcailly come with them.  Last year I bought a few extra Christmas decorations that we placed around the house and I made a pretty snazzy wreath - but nothing much more.  

Pixie Hat

Coming to the shop next week!

Toddler Little kids' Pixie Hat (adorable little girl not included)

Extended Cyber-Monday

Have you heard......?

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