At the festival last week I was able to talk to so many people about my work and answer questions I didn't even realize people had like "what was your inspiration?" 

As someone who crochets (I'm not a painter or sculptor) that's not a question I get very often - and yet I do have inspirations for the items that I make.  

DIY Chai

So, after many nights of craft fair prep, and too many lattes to count, I'm officially on a self-imposed Starbucks detox. So I've got green tea and (my favorite) Good Earth tea but they're just not quite filling the void. What I need is chai. Coffee house chai means $3.50 * 3 days a week *52 weeks in a year = CRAP-on-a CRACKER-jack!

so ummm yea - I'll make my own thank you :)


Tired Feet

Just a quick note to say that the Patchwork Festival was today. It went well, but in the spirit of full disclosure -- I would have liked it to go better; live and learn right? 

My plans for the rest of the evening, a foot massage (I love my husband), a little sake, and an early bed time for the first time in a while.  I'll start working on my custom orders tomorrow (or maybe the next day).

Etsy Finds

My current favorite etsy shop carries things like this.


Kivaford on etsy


Beautiful - and all handblown. From KivaFord.


See more of my finds and favorites, follow me on Pinterest.

Your Craft Booth - Part 2


OK - so you know what you're going to make and how much to need to make, but how are you going to display it? It's time to talk about your booth.

If you read nothing else, here's THE most important tip about your booth set up: 

Patchwork Indie Art and Craft Festival


18 more days until 





If you've ever prepared for a craft fair - big or small - it's quite an ordeal. Big picture goals seem simple enough, you need to have:

Crochet Magic (adjustable) Ring

I know it's been a while since my last tutorial, but never fear - the magic ring is here! 

The magic ring is one of my favorite, no matter how large or small the starting number of stitches are for any circle.  Check out the video and start making your own magic (I know, I know - I shake my head at my own self sometimes)



Crochet Inspiration

from jungjung


Seriously? This is so amazing it might even get my son to eat cauliflower without being asked a dozen times -- Little Miss thinks that roasted cauliflower makes the best snack ever...But that 's a different post for a different day.

In-House Quality Control

How do I know my merchandise is well-made, sturdy, AND comfy? 

(The comfy cowl works for guys too, see!)



Craft Booth Notes

I managed to unearth a picture of half of my booth from the last weekend's Art and Music Festival:

Here are some of the booth notes:

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