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Craft Fairs, Holiday Prep and Forgotten Scarves

Working hard. 

End of summer is basically holiday prep time (it may sound crazy, but once halloween arrives its getting close to the end of prep time). Even though as a consumer I can't deal with seeing holiday decrations for sale at the same time as back-to-school items - when you make, and sell, carefully handmade items, it pays to be prepared.

Summer in review

Labor day has come and gone, and walking to and from the train this week, the air has felt very fall-like. I only need one more sign for my personal start  of fall -- persimmions  -- but they're not in the markets; not yet anyway. 

Even without persimmions (and just for the record, I like the crunchy ones, not thoes squishy ones -- ick), I think it's time to do a little summer in review.  


Quality Control

My little lady -- trying out one of my prototypes -- before I started doing fun knots and things.

Toddlers = Quality Control Department.


I know you're chomping at the bit to know what I've named my awesome new dress form, and we'll get to that in a moment. First a few pictures of what I've been working on for fall and for the Art and Music festival that's coming up next week.


I've been working on about 6 different knots. (There's a whole world of intricit knot tiers out there. It's amazing.) These are Celtic Button Knots.

Giveaway for naming my dress form *Closed*

I need help naming the newest addition to my shop.   Please Note: she is not being given away - ever. I mean, look how pretty she looks in pictures:

Hello gorgeous! 

Pinterest Love

Are you on Pinterest? You need to be. really.

The easiest way to explain it is that you can create virtual inspiration boards from any image you find online, you can also upload your own photos. I have 18 boards different boards right now for everything from style inspiration and tattoos to great crafts for kids and landscaping ideas.

Here's a quick shot of a few things in my Handmade Awesomeness board:


Busy Bee

I know it's been quiet around here but I'm working hard everywhere I go trying to get ready for the Mulford Garden's Art and Music Festival that's coming up

-- I'm going to have my very own booth!!  --

I've got some amazing new pieces, and hopefully a great before and after craft corner profile (I'm still, begrudgingly living with the before). 

I know most of what I talk about is crochet, but I knit too.  See:

Crochet Mandalas

I've been in a new-meets-old kind of mood.  It all started with these great crocheted mandalas and granny circles I made but I wanted to do something different than make placemats or hot pads (does any one REALLY use placemats any more...anyone? really? Just wondering). 


Anyhow, I've had 6 or so embroidery hoops sitting around that I picked up at a local thrisft shop.  I'm not entirely sure why I bought them in the first place but I finally found something awesome to do with them.

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