The fate of the i-cord

Early last month I posted a video tutorial demonstrating how to make a crochet i-cord. They're fun and easy to make but after you make one, then what? Well, there are plenty of options: purse handles, pilow edging, bracelet, necklace.....


but my favorite so far is one that my kids really love:

Classic Granny Square How-to

First things first: how do you make a granny square?

I'm so glad you asked! 


Make a foundation chain: Chain 1, join with a slip stitch (I tend to use the a magic ring instead - video tutorial is in the works)

Round 1: Ch 5, (3 DC into ring, ch2) x3, 2DC into ring, slst into 3rd chain of first ch5


Slst to corner and begin Round 2 

Granny Square Love

Everyone loves a granny square. 

Coming this weekend is the first post in a granny square series that will include a picture tutorial, a video tutorial, giant grannys, tiny grannys... Fun with granny indeed!


First, here's a little bit of granny square love to hold you over:


mini granny square garland

Crochet Icord - Tutorial

Written instructions are nice, and pictures are very helpful, but video - that's where it's at!


Here's my first video tutorial, enjoy (and let me know what you think).



Craft Hope

It's one thing to craft.  It's another to craft hope - out of yarn, out of fabric; hope.  It's great.



Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time


So, did you make any resolutions for 2012? We're 3 weeks into the year - how's it going?


A New Rug for You

I've been working on something new.

It's a rug.

I could stop now - but I want it to be bigger. I'm thinking 4 feet across.



yeah. bigger.

Raindrops on Roses

I think from now on I'll post once a month or so about a few pieces of handmade awesomeness I've found on on the interweb - the awesome begins now:

Light box

There are many, posts on any number of crafty blogs and websites about the importance of the 'light box' when attempting to photograph smaller items.

Doing big things

This is the first official blog post of The Back Loop.


Let's make it happen!

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