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Crochet Magic (adjustable) Ring

I know it's been a while since my last tutorial, but never fear - the magic ring is here! 

The magic ring is one of my favorite, no matter how large or small the starting number of stitches are for any circle.  Check out the video and start making your own magic (I know, I know - I shake my head at my own self sometimes)



Easy Weekend Project -- Embroidery Floss Storage

This is a super simple project that you can do over the weekend that will accomplish a few things bigger projects just can't:

1. Near immediate gratification -- It will take you less than 10 minutes to finish the first one, and it'll be so pretty you'll have an immediate sense of accomplishment and desire to organize all thread related materials  BONUS: you might actually do it this time!!

Classic Granny Square How-to

First things first: how do you make a granny square?

I'm so glad you asked! 


Make a foundation chain: Chain 1, join with a slip stitch (I tend to use the a magic ring instead - video tutorial is in the works)

Round 1: Ch 5, (3 DC into ring, ch2) x3, 2DC into ring, slst into 3rd chain of first ch5


Slst to corner and begin Round 2 

Crochet Icord - Tutorial

Written instructions are nice, and pictures are very helpful, but video - that's where it's at!


Here's my first video tutorial, enjoy (and let me know what you think).



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