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"What do you do?"

"So, what do you do?"

many faces

many faces


Does anyone else dred this question?

Art Festival Booth and Father's Day

Happy Monday Everyone! I had a whirlwind weekend that included a booth at the Rock Wall winery Art Festival plus Father's Day fun.


craft booth set up - the BackLoop  happy fathers day

In-House Quality Control

How do I know my merchandise is well-made, sturdy, AND comfy? 

(The comfy cowl works for guys too, see!)



Summer in review

Labor day has come and gone, and walking to and from the train this week, the air has felt very fall-like. I only need one more sign for my personal start  of fall -- persimmions  -- but they're not in the markets; not yet anyway. 

Even without persimmions (and just for the record, I like the crunchy ones, not thoes squishy ones -- ick), I think it's time to do a little summer in review.  


Quality Control

My little lady -- trying out one of my prototypes -- before I started doing fun knots and things.

Toddlers = Quality Control Department.


When was the last time you were really proud of yourself?  I mean, really proud - like this proud:


Yup, that's my son. He just finished that dinosaur puzzle pretty much by himself.

If you haven't felt that feeling lately, maybe it's time to find something new and challenging. And when you succeed give yourself a thumbs up, and maybe even a glass of chocolate milk.


Butterflies for Birdie

For various reasons, my grandmother no longer travels.  

She is a woman, named Birdie who no longer flies (or takes any other transportation that will carry her outside of her about-town radius from her home).  Well, a little while back I made some butterfly earrings for a friend - if you follow me on instragram (kuumba60) you probably saw this photo:

The fate of the i-cord

Early last month I posted a video tutorial demonstrating how to make a crochet i-cord. They're fun and easy to make but after you make one, then what? Well, there are plenty of options: purse handles, pilow edging, bracelet, necklace.....


but my favorite so far is one that my kids really love:

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