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I never realized the impact that a bowl could make until I got this in the mail a couple of weeks ago:

Meet "Blankie." Well loved for years, moved around, taken to college and then, one day, showed up in my mail box.  An earlier email from the owner said "Here's blankie... Salvageable?"

Of course!

While I as getting everything ready,  I noticed a faint pattern

Crochet Bowl Love

Contain yourself!

And anything else you want because the bowls have arrived – and there are, of course, more where they came from. Some greys, a few moody blues and some bright picnic colors will all be arriving in the coming weeks.


Where can you use a crocheted bowl? Anywhere!

New to the Shop - Crochet earrings

The earrings have landed!

This design is one of my oldest and continues to be one of my favorite.  I crochet them using cotton embroidery thread so they're super lightweight, but they come awesome colors and that gives them great personality.  They're perfect for brightening up an otherwise neutral  outfit or to coordinate with the colors you're already wearing

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