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Fall Patchwork Show - LOVE

I've now done a handful of craft shows and I've discovered the key to a great craft booth setup 



Seriously.   The night before setup I charged my iPod (yes, it's old, but it works), I even uploaded some new songs. I also realized that my set-up playlist is almost the same as my workout playlist. *shrug*

Then, the unthinkable happened.


Big crochet, Big plans

I've been working on some big projects -- literally.


My livingroom in strewn with rope and cotton piping and my forearm is sore. That can only mean one thing: there are going to be some big items in the store soon!


Check back in for an update -- or get my RSS feed and the update will come to you!

Bowled Over

Do you see my bowl? It's in the second row, on the right :D

I love bowls.

Side note: I haven't done a post on some of the handmade awesomeness I've come across recently, so that'll be coming up later this week.

Crochet Mandalas

I've been in a new-meets-old kind of mood.  It all started with these great crocheted mandalas and granny circles I made but I wanted to do something different than make placemats or hot pads (does any one REALLY use placemats any more...anyone? really? Just wondering). 


Anyhow, I've had 6 or so embroidery hoops sitting around that I picked up at a local thrisft shop.  I'm not entirely sure why I bought them in the first place but I finally found something awesome to do with them.


I never realized the impact that a bowl could make until I got this in the mail a couple of weeks ago:

Meet "Blankie." Well loved for years, moved around, taken to college and then, one day, showed up in my mail box.  An earlier email from the owner said "Here's blankie... Salvageable?"

Of course!

While I as getting everything ready,  I noticed a faint pattern

Crochet Bowl Love

Contain yourself!

And anything else you want because the bowls have arrived – and there are, of course, more where they came from. Some greys, a few moody blues and some bright picnic colors will all be arriving in the coming weeks.


Where can you use a crocheted bowl? Anywhere!

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