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Fall Patchwork Show - LOVE

I've now done a handful of craft shows and I've discovered the key to a great craft booth setup 



Seriously.   The night before setup I charged my iPod (yes, it's old, but it works), I even uploaded some new songs. I also realized that my set-up playlist is almost the same as my workout playlist. *shrug*

Then, the unthinkable happened.


Fall Patchwork

I have some great news - this is happening: 

patchwork oakland november 24th

Art Festival Booth and Father's Day

Happy Monday Everyone! I had a whirlwind weekend that included a booth at the Rock Wall winery Art Festival plus Father's Day fun.


craft booth set up - the BackLoop  happy fathers day

Rock Wall Art and Wine Experience

I know I still need to post a picture of my booth from the Patchwork Show (it's coming - honest).  In the meantime let's look to the future for a moment.




Do you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or know someone who does? Do you, or that someone, like wine? And art? of course!

Tired Feet

Just a quick note to say that the Patchwork Festival was today. It went well, but in the spirit of full disclosure -- I would have liked it to go better; live and learn right? 

My plans for the rest of the evening, a foot massage (I love my husband), a little sake, and an early bed time for the first time in a while.  I'll start working on my custom orders tomorrow (or maybe the next day).

Your Craft Booth - Part 2


OK - so you know what you're going to make and how much to need to make, but how are you going to display it? It's time to talk about your booth.

If you read nothing else, here's THE most important tip about your booth set up: 

Patchwork Indie Art and Craft Festival


18 more days until 





If you've ever prepared for a craft fair - big or small - it's quite an ordeal. Big picture goals seem simple enough, you need to have:

Craft Booth Notes

I managed to unearth a picture of half of my booth from the last weekend's Art and Music Festival:

Here are some of the booth notes:

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