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Trading in my Latte for a Spa Day

I'm thinking about giving up my almost daily latte.

Not necessarily forever, but at least from now until my next birthday (May). I'll putting the money I would have spent into a "happy birthday to me" jar. I get some "surprise" birthday cash  and hopefully kick an unnecessary habit in the process.

DIY Chai

So, after many nights of craft fair prep, and too many lattes to count, I'm officially on a self-imposed Starbucks detox. So I've got green tea and (my favorite) Good Earth tea but they're just not quite filling the void. What I need is chai. Coffee house chai means $3.50 * 3 days a week *52 weeks in a year = CRAP-on-a CRACKER-jack!

so ummm yea - I'll make my own thank you :)


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