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Knit Bean Bag Chair



Yes please :)

Pinterest Love - Handmade February

Are you on Pinterest yet? Because if you're not you're missing out on a very useful procrastination tool. Pinterest is one of those site that makes you say to yourself "I'll just hop on pinterest for a couple of minutes"....and then 45 minutes later..."what did I get on the computer for again?"


If you are on Pinterest, are you following me? Am I following you? I must know. Look at the handmade awesomeness you might be missing out on:

Craft Fairs, Holiday Prep and Forgotten Scarves

Working hard. 

End of summer is basically holiday prep time (it may sound crazy, but once halloween arrives its getting close to the end of prep time). Even though as a consumer I can't deal with seeing holiday decrations for sale at the same time as back-to-school items - when you make, and sell, carefully handmade items, it pays to be prepared.

Pinterest Love

Are you on Pinterest? You need to be. really.

The easiest way to explain it is that you can create virtual inspiration boards from any image you find online, you can also upload your own photos. I have 18 boards different boards right now for everything from style inspiration and tattoos to great crafts for kids and landscaping ideas.

Here's a quick shot of a few things in my Handmade Awesomeness board:


Raindrops on Roses

I think from now on I'll post once a month or so about a few pieces of handmade awesomeness I've found on on the interweb - the awesome begins now:

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